Being a parent means that you most likely want the best for your child. For most children, preschool is the start of their education and is very important to their development. When picking a preschool in Singapore, there are a lot of options for you to pick from. Here are the best preschools in Singapore.

1. Chiltern House Preschool

Chiltern House Preschool works to provide all the nurturing qualities of home, including security, love, warmth, and a comprehensive curriculum. This preschool program was designed to provide the ideal environment for children to learn in.

The program helps children to become independent and encourages them to have high self-esteem. There is also a low teacher to student ratio, so each student receives the specialised help that they need. Mandarin is also taught daily to help students become fluent at an early age.

2. Cherie Hearts Nurtureloft

Cherie Hearts Nurtureloft promotes holistic learning by using fun learning methods. Nurtureloft is an award-winning centre that focuses on experimental learning and research. The curriculum is designed to help children develop and learn at their own pace. The staff also pride themselves on catering to all aspects of their students’ development.

3. Lorna Whiston Preschools

Children are better able to learn a second and third language when they are young. Lorna Whiston Preschools provide their students with the foundations of both Mandarin and English. The lessons are tailored to the needs of the individual child.

The teachers are trained to work with children and to provide a bilingual education. All lessons are taught in both languages, so the students speak with their teachers in both languages in order to maximise their exposure linguistically.

4. Dayspring Kindergarten

This kindergarten provides children with a conducive and supportive environment, which allows children to practice and learn behaviours. The students learn by using hands-on experience.

All the children at Daysprings Kindergarten have the freedom to experiment and explore, while they are being supervised. This allows the classes to be interesting to the children and maximises their learning without being boring. Their Early Science program uses a hands-on approach to teach children about life sciences.

5. Pink Tower Montessori

This preschool offers a holistic and comprehensive curriculum to nurture a child’s learning and development. The curriculum uses conventional teaching methods and new practices to help each student have the tools they need to succeed and learn. Each student has their own lesson plan to ensure that they are getting the help that they need.

The best preschool in Singapore will depend on your child, and where you are living and working. There are many other great options for a preschool in Singapore that are not on this list.

Parents have continually worked very hard to ensure that they are able to provide all the basic needs for their children. Unfortunately, this means that they can hardly spend enough time with their kids, since they need to keep working to meet the daily needs of the family. In a bid to be able to balance work and take care of the children, most parents are forced to find a child care centre.

For first-time parents, finding the right child care centre can be a daunting task. One needs to look at a number of factors to ensure they leave their kids at the right child care centre. There is a simple criteria that you can use to find the best child care centre.

Private vs. Government Child Care Centres

The first consideration you should make is the type of child care centre. There are those that are run by the government through the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sport and others that are managed by private owners.

A private child care centre will definitely be more costly than a government-owned one. All the child care centres in Singapore are licensed by the MCYS, but they have the liberty to come up with their curriculum.

Budget Line

How much are you willing to spend for a child care centre Singapore service? Do not just focus on the price, but the type of care that your child will be getting at the child care centre. It is important to have a guiding budget line when searching for a day care centre.

Location of the Child Care Centre Singapore

The main reason why parents seek for child care services is to provide convenience. In line with this, you need to consider the location of the child care centre. It needs to be at a place where it will be easier to access, without too much of a hassle. Having a location in mind when searching for child care centres is necessary. This is an essential consideration and will influence your decision on the centre you want your child to go to.

Safety and Environment

As much as your child may be too young to understand, find a child care centre that is safe for your child. It should be a comfortable environment. Check for all the security features that have been installed at the facility.

Finding a child care centre in Singapore is a demanding task, and you cannot afford to make any mistakes with this. You should put all the necessary factors into consideration so that you can have peace of mind when you drop your child off at the care centre.

Introduction. Activities for toddlers aren’t supposed to be merely mindless activities for passing the time. These can be useful moments for imparting lifelong lessons into your kids and training them to be upright citizens. Toddler development is such a critical part of good parenting. Some of the skills involve social intelligence, while others involve fine motor skill development. Meanwhile, a few affect cognitive development. Kids have different learning speeds. Even then, most kids can still grasp lots of the development activities, as long as they’re geared towards toddlers.

I. Label Your Household. One of the ways to help your children learn and grow is labelling the everyday households items. This will reinforce in them the names and references to these things. It’s one of the easiest ways to help the kids master words and expand their vocabulary. Make sure the labels are made with different colors and fonts to stretch their imaginations and memorization. You can always switch the coloring and fonts of the labels every few weeks.

II. Introduce Organization. Kids have an incredible capacity for neatness and orderliness from a pretty young age. This is dependent on their personality as well as training. Put the dishes, clothes, bins, etc. at specific spaces and make sure the kids follow through on that rule. That sense of predictability makes it easier to engender a sense of ownership as well as neatness. You should always embrace this model even if it means working slower in the beginning.

III. Arrange a Scavenger Hunt. Make sure you nurture the natural curiosity and desire for exploration that kids exhibit as they grow up. You can do this through arranging items around the compound and leaving clues for them to trace. Treasure hunts teach the kids on how to follow through on instructions and how to spot clues when answers aren’t forthcoming. Most kids would gladly enjoy a well-planned game of treasure hunt.

IV. Take on the Town. You can escalate this further by taking a tour of the city and helping them map out the town. You could start by helping them grasp the landmarks in your neighbourhood, then expand from there. Lots of kids get lost in town and get into a crisis when most could easily make these way home if they had been trained. Instruct them on the few places where they can seek help in case they get lost. This could be a neighbor’s office, your own workplace or the local authorities.

V. Pin Up Pictures. You can also pin up photos of objects as well as family and friends. You can actually construct a family tree using the available pictures of everyone in the extended family. This exercise improves understanding and memorization. You can also read books and help them expand their comprehension and intelligence as well as numeracy.

When you must place your little one into childcare, safety and wellbeing will be of paramount importance to you. Investigate and explore every company you consider prior to making a final decision to ensure that your youngster will be healthy and happy with the placement.

Licensing Requirements

Each state has specific licensing requirements for centers. Learn about the licenses required of your state, and then confirm that every facility you consider has current licensing in place. It’s also possible that facilities can go further than the minimum requirements of a state, earning additional certifications and accreditations. A center that goes further to earn additional accreditation is usually demonstrating that they provide a high quality of care for youngsters.

Staff Training

Explore the requirements for education and training in playgroup Singapore. An excellent facility will typically require its staff to have specified degrees and related experience in the field. Look for a facility that also requires its staff to participate in continuing education. The director of a facility should have a degree in the field, as well as extensive experience.

Structural Elements

A quality center will have a wide range of structural elements in place, indicating the exemplary services it provides. For example, the facility should have a structured routine for each day with meals, snacks, rest, outdoor play, planned activities, and free indoor playtime. Meals and snacks served must comply with state requirements for nutrition.


Playgroup is a number of details that make up the overall environment of a facility. The square footage of the rooms and outdoor play areas must be large enough to accommodate the number of youngsters. Check state requirements to ensure that a company meets minimum requirements for inside and outside square footage. Indoor amenities such as furniture, flooring, bedding, kitchen, bathrooms, diaper changing areas, and toys are important factors that combine to create a positive environment. The ratio between children and staff must meet or exceed state requirements. More staff members and fewer children in the playgroup Singapore is an excellent indicator of quality. A low staff turnover also indicates that staff members and youngsters can bond, which increases the security of little ones.

Health and Safety

A childcare center must have health and safety standards in place to ensure that youngsters receive appropriate care. Review the policies of a facility to ensure that it meets state requirements. The center must follow standards such as cleanliness, privacy, food preparation, and supervision of children. Staff members should have adequate emergency training to enable them to respond correctly in emergencies. Each youngster should have a health screening performed and documented and updated immunizations. The center must have evacuation procedures documented, performing drills as required by the state.

Parental Involvement

Parents must be an integral part of quality childcare. A center that recognizes the importance of keeping parents informed and involved with their youngster’s experiences while at daycare demonstrates a strong program. Parents should receive daily updates about activities, experiences, and any problems that occurred. This collaborative relationship ensures that youngsters have their needs met.

Assess and analyze the policies and procedures of a childcare center prior to placing your child there. After placement, continue to monitor the care your little one receives.

It’s not anything new that Singaporean kids usually have many enrichment activities from a very young age. If there are some parents who believe a good time to start is by the age of 3, others start even before they are a year old.

Looking at the average of what we can find on the different enrichment activities, most kids tend to spend about 20 to 25 hours each week in school. However, the enrichment activities add another 5 to 10 hours. So, summing up all the time kids spend out of the home, it’s the equivalent to an average workweek of an adult. So, isn’t it too much? Aren’t you deploying all your kid education onto other people? Do your kids have enough time to play?

These are hard questions for most parents, especially when they just had their first baby. As a parent, they want to offer them and do everything they can to turn him or her into a healthy human being, who is able to distinguish about what he likes and dislikes.

The fact is that kids need time for everything. They need time to be with their parents and family, to play alone and with their friends, to eat, to sleep, and to have different activities. Depending on the age of the child, he may be more or less prepared to deal with so many hours away from his parents. It also depends on his own personality. Not all kids are the same and each one has their own development. So, it’s always important to consider these factors when you’re thinking about children enrichment class Singapore .

Many parents advocate that young kids are more susceptible to education and can easily learn a lot of difficult subjects faster. So, what most Singaporean parents do is try to provide their kids with a huge variety of enrichment activities. From this moment, they pay attention to the ones their kids prefer and the ones that they don’t like. According to what they see, they will adjust their schedules so that they spend more time on the activities they prefer but always trying to find different ones that they can like as well.

It’s not surprising that enrichment classes proliferate in Singapore and you can find activities for all the things you might imagine, for all the different ages.

Overall, the most important thing that Singaporean parents need to do is to listen to their kids and watch their behavior. If you see that your kids like the busy schedule, why stop them from gaining interest in varied areas? However, if you notice that your kid’s behavior is changing, try to reduce the time out of home. Making sure that they attend the classes that they prefer and stop with the ones they don’t like is also imperative.