The 21st-century child needs to capitalize on his/her reasoning and analyzing abilities to accumulate information to the best of his or her abilities. In the good old days, subjects taught in the classroom were not as detailed as they are today. Hence, the necessity to provide K12 education, which is a well-rounded system for the little one’s today.

Mathematics has been a sore point with kids, in the past and the present. Some take to it like a fish to water while others find the subject a trifle too hard to comprehend. The idea of imparting primary school maths in the formative years is a stepping-stone to the success for the child.

Learning the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplying and dividing is an imperative in every sphere. Without this basic knowledge, one may not be able to get past the present grade or get by in life. By using simple teaching methodologies, kids use their God-given abilities by putting two and two and reaching four.

A slow learner needs extra help by a reliable tutor to set up contrived situations. During this session, the child discovers that there is a formula in every step of her or his life. The idea is to get the little one ready to take on the challenges presented in the classroom at school.

At the Indigo Group tuition center, the mathematics program is comprehensive in nature. The MOE syllabus enables students to graduate from the program to make them ready to tackle secondary school level of mathematics.

Lessons include PSLE assessment in favor of long answers based on the analytical bent of the child. The child practices at least 15 questions so that her/his comprehensive skills are in full force. To track the progress, tests are conducted by using GEP styles that challenge the young minds to solve problems.

Without a dose of rigorous primary maths tuition, children cannot cope with the vast subject and homework on a daily basis. The view is to get the child aware that mathematics is a subject used every day and to encourage the child in creative ways. The child learns that s/he must study to understand the subject in detail.

The big picture tells us that without the basics and more in calculations, one cannot proceed further in life. Even subjects that are not math-centric do infuse some element of the basics of math in the electives that the child opts for in a college or a master’s degree.

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