Revolution in the world of mathematics happened with the advent of new and progressive methodologies in areas of imparting training. CMA or Classical Mental Arithmetic is a Math enrichment program which can be accredited solely to have brought about this metamorphosis in this scenario.

Abacus for kids combines the old and traditional methods of teaching mathematics with the newer technologies like multimedia and has formulated a unique and distinct methodology of teaching mathematics not only to students of all ages but also to individuals of all ages. The application of mathematics to everyday life of people cut across all sections of the society, cannot be undermined and this is the underlying essence of CMA.

The methodology works on the belief that every person has the potential to learn and use his/her brain to its maximum potential. This math enrichment program starts early with the Kindy group which takes children as young as 3 years of age. It works majorly on developing the somewhat already formed motor skills by introducing apt games, songs, interactive sessions and abacus. Studies have shown that age group 3 to 13 is the time when the brain development is at its best.

The next group is the Kinder group which targets kids above 4 years and above where multimedia based learning programs are introduced to make learning more fun.

Primary program is the next successive level which targets children between 7 and 13 years of ages. Then there is the youth program which targets 14 years and above individuals. A special program also has been designed for senior citizens.

Real life examples of students, who have benefitted from this path breaking methodology, are available for one to see and believe that this really is revolutionizing the world of arithmetic. A parent of a 3 year old girl testifies that her daughter has benefited from the program so much within just two months of joining CMA that the child has not only managed to pick up lessons in abacus and its subsequent application but also shown improvement in her piano lessons.

Yet another parent of a girl who was poor in mathematics was enrolled to and within a few months not only showed significant improvement in doing multiplication and division calculations but also was a walking calculator for her parents as her mother proudly puts it.

Another parent feels that her son is able to do mental calculations very fast after he joined CMA.

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