It’s not anything new that Singaporean kids usually have many enrichment activities from a very young age. If there are some parents who believe a good time to start is by the age of 3, others start even before they are a year old.

Looking at the average of what we can find on the different enrichment activities, most kids tend to spend about 20 to 25 hours each week in school. However, the enrichment activities add another 5 to 10 hours. So, summing up all the time kids spend out of the home, it’s the equivalent to an average workweek of an adult. So, isn’t it too much? Aren’t you deploying all your kid education onto other people? Do your kids have enough time to play?

These are hard questions for most parents, especially when they just had their first baby. As a parent, they want to offer them and do everything they can to turn him or her into a healthy human being, who is able to distinguish about what he likes and dislikes.

The fact is that kids need time for everything. They need time to be with their parents and family, to play alone and with their friends, to eat, to sleep, and to have different activities. Depending on the age of the child, he may be more or less prepared to deal with so many hours away from his parents. It also depends on his own personality. Not all kids are the same and each one has their own development. So, it’s always important to consider these factors when you’re thinking about children enrichment class Singapore .

Many parents advocate that young kids are more susceptible to education and can easily learn a lot of difficult subjects faster. So, what most Singaporean parents do is try to provide their kids with a huge variety of enrichment activities. From this moment, they pay attention to the ones their kids prefer and the ones that they don’t like. According to what they see, they will adjust their schedules so that they spend more time on the activities they prefer but always trying to find different ones that they can like as well.

It’s not surprising that enrichment classes proliferate in Singapore and you can find activities for all the things you might imagine, for all the different ages.

Overall, the most important thing that Singaporean parents need to do is to listen to their kids and watch their behavior. If you see that your kids like the busy schedule, why stop them from gaining interest in varied areas? However, if you notice that your kid’s behavior is changing, try to reduce the time out of home. Making sure that they attend the classes that they prefer and stop with the ones they don’t like is also imperative.

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