Being a parent means that you most likely want the best for your child. For most children, preschool is the start of their education and is very important to their development. When picking a preschool in Singapore, there are a lot of options for you to pick from. You can consider sending your child to a good international preschool in Singapore too. Here are the best preschools in Singapore.

1. Chiltern House Preschool

Chiltern House Preschool works to provide all the nurturing qualities of home, including security, love, warmth, and a comprehensive curriculum. This preschool program was designed to provide the ideal environment for children to learn in.

The program helps children to become independent and encourages them to have high self-esteem. There is also a low teacher to student ratio, so each student receives the specialised help that they need. Mandarin is also taught daily to help students become fluent at an early age.

2. Cherie Hearts Nurtureloft

Cherie Hearts Nurtureloft promotes holistic learning by using fun learning methods. Nurtureloft is an award-winning centre that focuses on experimental learning and research. The curriculum is designed to help children develop and learn at their own pace. The staff also pride themselves on catering to all aspects of their students’ development.

3. Lorna Whiston Preschools

Children are better able to learn a second and third language when they are young. Lorna Whiston Preschools provide their students with the foundations of both Mandarin and English. The lessons are tailored to the needs of the individual child.

The teachers are trained to work with children and to provide a bilingual education. All lessons are taught in both languages, so the students speak with their teachers in both languages in order to maximise their exposure linguistically.

4. Dayspring Kindergarten

This kindergarten provides children with a conducive and supportive environment, which allows children to practice and learn behaviours. The students learn by using hands-on experience.

All the children at Daysprings Kindergarten have the freedom to experiment and explore, while they are being supervised. This allows the classes to be interesting to the children and maximises their learning without being boring. Their Early Science program uses a hands-on approach to teach children about life sciences.

5. Pink Tower Montessori

This preschool offers a holistic and comprehensive curriculum to nurture a child’s learning and development. The curriculum uses conventional teaching methods and new practices to help each student have the tools they need to succeed and learn. Each student has their own lesson plan to ensure that they are getting the help that they need.

The best preschool in Singapore will depend on your child, and where you are living and working. There are many other great options for a preschool in Singapore that are not on this list.

Pre-school is an important time for kids as this is the age that their brain starts developing. Kids need proper guidance during this age for proper development. In this article, some common myths associated with private kindergarten Singapore will be discussed.

The first myth is that pre-school is very expensive. Pre-school should be seen more as an investment than an expenditure.

It is therefore important to focus more on pre-school. It is said that for every 1 dollar spent, 7 dollars are earned by proper pre-schooling of the kid. Seeing that governments of different countries have taken the initiative to provide preschool education at little or no cost.

However, for a quality preschool or kindergarten education, one may need to be willing to fork out slightly more. At ISS International Preschool, there is a focus on learning from the children’s surroundings, and developing relationships through structured play. Through this, children will develop creativity and confidence to express themselves. For more information, you should check out their website.

The second myth is that the federal government does not need to take the expenses of the pre-school and that it is the job of the state government to worry about it. But the truth is for the past many years the state governments have taken the initiative to expand preschool, not the federal government.

People consider pre-school teachers to be baby-sitters. This is another myth. Without proper education and training it is not possible to become a teacher for the preschoolers. They undergo extensive training in emotional aspects, behavioral aspects, child psychology etc. to be a child care-specialist or a pre-school teacher.

Even now there are few people who believe that preschool education is not important and that it is ineffective. But it has been proved again and again that if a child receives proper early education, he/she will be better at math and reading and thereby reducing the child’s need for special education helping them achieve success later in life.

Many parents believe that at the age of preschool, the children should be in a freer environment than a structured one encouraging them to play etc. But what these parents don’t realize is, in preschool, playtime is given a lot of importance. In fact play is a tool through which many concepts are taught to the child. So, the child is given a chance to learn while playing. The teacher also has to be a participant in the games while playing for the student to grasp what she is trying to convey through the game.

It is a common misconception that the fees collected goes into somebody’s pocket. This is also not true. The fees collected  for the education of the preschooler is utilized in cost of supplies, food, furniture, curriculum, licensing fee, marketing costs, learning activities, safety supplies, office supplies etc.

Sending kids to enrichment classes is slowly gaining a lot of popularity in the recent times. Initially this was a concept that was popular in some countries. But it has received a global welcome thanks to the benefits that are associated with it. Toddlers and preschoolers are said to benefit the most when sent to enrichment classes.

What are enrichment classes?

Besides academic, there are certain skills that kids of every age should acquire. These would be those skills that can complement and make better their academic knowledge. These classes would act as platforms to find out the latent talents in each kid. The enrichment program is often age specific and is designed to suit kids of that age group. No matter what the childs talent is he would be able to find a lot of advantages by attending enrichment classes.

Benefits of enrichment classes for toddlers

1.Challenging atmosphere to help them grow:

Depending on the childs age and talents there might be different things that appear challenging for the kid. Children learn better when they are given a healthy challenge. By allowing the kid to think beyond the limits, they start exploring the different options and they get to understand what they really like. The toddlers and preschoolers are fast learners. So, this would be an ideal age to understand what they are good at and offer them interesting challenges.

2.A better exposure:

The more exposure a child gets in his early years, the better is his overall growth and development. Enrichment classes offer them a different kind of experience that would be nothing like that at home or at school. Different experiences leave different impacts on children and each of them can teach a child something different. All the skills acquired through all these experiences would be useful all their life.

3.A stress buster:

Unlike the common perception children get stressed too, and easily. The daily routines might sometimes cause stress in children unless they are given an opportunity to let the air out and do what they love the most. Enrichment classes have acted as wonderful stress busters for toddlers. These help channel all their energy in a focused positive direction. When the mind is simulated they are happy to be engaged and they grow and learn faster as well.

Kids also get to meet new friends and work on their social skills and learn to interact better when they are sent to enrichment classes. Though they do come with a lot of benefits there are certain things to keep in mind while choosing an enrichment class:

There are some schools that offer a flexible curriculum for younger kids and preschoolers. And enrichment classes might be part of this academic curriculum. If sufficient time is allotted for these classes every day this would be a good option. But if such classes are held rarely, opting for a separate enrichment program would be effective.

Look for those that offer a holistic approach for the overall development rather than focusing merely on a handful of skills.

Toddlers get cranky not just when they are bored but also when they are over simulated. So the timings of the playschool and the enrichment classes would be important. Something that keeps them packed all day might not be a good choice in their toddlerhood. They also require a good amount of time to be spent at home with the family. So keeping the enrichment class timings balanced would be a good start.

Choose those that offer fun ways of learning. These would keep the kids engaged and would help them fall in love with learning. If you would like to send your toddler to a good school in singapore with a good enrichment program you can consider

The traditional method of imparting knowledge through a structured lecture format is not well appreciated by children of today, who prefer interactive dialogue. They prefer something tangible so that the point of the subject is learned naturally without being forced down their throats. This gives them a platform, which they need so that they can respond to the subject realistically.

Mixed Learning

Active engagement in the classroom starts when there is organized activity that works for the development of the child’s brain. Most children at the early stages are focused on building blocks, listening, reading, writing and speaking. They are also encouraged to make choices. When there is a small group, children find it easy to be socially interactive as they relate to this quite favorably. This benefits them down the line as they analyze concepts while they deal with problems from the textbook.

Coherent Learning Patterns

Not every child in the classroom has the same mental capacity as the rest of his peers. This is where constructive methods must be used without sticking to the same old concepts. Themes have been a construct in the learning curve for kids across all age groups. The approach helps hone their natural senses in view of the subjects positioned before them. Mathematics, art and craft, science and language play a crucial role in ensuring a coherent learning pattern.

Learning Outside the Classroom

Outdoor learning has proved to offer phenomenal growth for every child during activities for toddlers . As they grasp simple concepts of the great outdoors, they identify with them and thereby rid themselves of social ineptitude. This also paves the way for the child to engage in age level ‘debates’ in class which throws opens a variety of avenues that helps stimulate the learning mechanism of the brain. The choices put forward help children relate to informative content evident in the learning pattern.


The learning center for children across age groups at works to benefit the child of today. By learning to be appreciative of language, he is also open to learning about culture and society. At the end of the day, a child needs to have the right set of tools strategized by the teacher so that he digests all the information he learns on a daily basis. Down the line, active engagement in the classroom definitely stimulates an impressive learning curve in the life of the child, irrespective of age.

Learning and early childhood:

Many psychologists are of the opinion that children learn the best when they are not pushed very hard and are made to learn at their own pace. In preschool children learn at their own pace. Also it’s a psychologically proven fact that children learn better when they are taught with care and kindness. In preschool, children are taught with a lot of care. Enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore are organized in preschool activities itself.

Tutoring vs Enrichment Classes:

Earlier on, the idea of tutoring was quite alien, but times have changed now. Tutoring is now a fast growing industry. However, along with tutors in the academic circle, even enrichment classes for the betterment of reading, science and mathematics are also on a rise. Now what is the definition of tutoring? Tutoring happens at an individual level or at a small group level. Parents either hire a tutor or get into a contract with a company that finds an appropriate tutor for them. Enrichment classes for kids on the other hand have a set curriculum and design their own reading material. The children are taught from their reading material and are duly tested on their assimilation of the knowledge. Enrichment classes for toddlers have proved to be very helpful for them.

Which is better? Tutoring or Enrichment classes?

Which option is better for your child depends on your child’s needs. There are some factors that you must keep in mind while choosing which option is better for your child:

The reason behind your child’s coaching: you must know why your child needs extra coaching, whether your child is struggling in school or you want your child to have an edge over the others. Accordingly you can decide on the tutor or enrichment classes.

The age of the child: it is very important that you consider the age of your child before taking a decision.

The personality of the child: the personality of the child is also very important to know whether he or she is comfortable with a tutor or a classroom set up as in enrichment classes.

The quality of the teacher: before deciding for your child ensure that you find out about the quality of the teacher.

The budget kept for the child’s education: last but not the least, before taking any decision consider your budget that you have kept aside for your child’s education.

The definition of social cohesion speaks about an intermingling of people irrespective of culture, creed or religion. Mutual solidarity encourages kids to express themselves in groups, individually and at home. In childcare education, a positive relationship among peers works wonders down the line. It establishes a formative methodology of trust and goals that work for a common purpose. There is a need to champion the cause on a global spectrum. That is where rudimentary principles work, at the very essence, in the early childhood learning curve.

United in the Classroom

The educational sector encourages that kids do not establish biases towards one another. The curriculums as a whole, with the range of textbooks, must be open without infringing on personal choices. This lays the very foundations to establish a form of democratic power among children. In doing so, the choices offered to kids via education in rhymes, songs, drama, and games, encourages them to learn about cultures. A united society is one where people of different colour or economic ratings are judged. Teachers at preschools ensure that they impart a formative view that encourages kids to think out of the box, without causing any upset.

Friends for Life

When a child makes friends with a classmate who does not reside near his home during activities for toddlers , it opens up ways to learn about other lifestyles and choices. This is the first education for the child who is able to distinguish that even though his friend does not live in the same environment as he does, he still has plenty to bring to the table. In fact, many adults will be happy to learn these little spots of wisdom from kids. To promote social cohesion through education requires that the teachers go over and beyond their call of duty. This ensures that every child in the classroom is equal without widening the gap.

In sum at the Chinese kindergarten in Singapore, children are taught to be peaceful. During the time away from home, they open their minds to myriad options – drama, drawing, singing and generally being kids. The idea is to ensure that the hours spent at this fine school, empowers them to be socially capable of loving their culture without looking down on any other (culture). By speaking in a common language, children automatically comprehend the basis of their ethos but are not close-minded. Making friends with their peers ensures that human relationships outside from home make for amazing social cohesiveness.

Introduction. Activities for toddlers aren’t supposed to be merely mindless activities for passing the time. These can be useful moments for imparting lifelong lessons into your kids and training them to be upright citizens. Toddler development is such a critical part of good parenting. Some of the skills involve social intelligence, while others involve fine motor skill development. Meanwhile, a few affect cognitive development. Kids have different learning speeds. Even then, most kids can still grasp lots of the development activities, as long as they’re geared towards toddlers.

I. Label Your Household. One of the ways to help your children learn and grow is labelling the everyday households items. This will reinforce in them the names and references to these things. It’s one of the easiest ways to help the kids master words and expand their vocabulary. Make sure the labels are made with different colors and fonts to stretch their imaginations and memorization. You can always switch the coloring and fonts of the labels every few weeks.

II. Introduce Organization. Kids have an incredible capacity for neatness and orderliness from a pretty young age. This is dependent on their personality as well as training. Put the dishes, clothes, bins, etc. at specific spaces and make sure the kids follow through on that rule. That sense of predictability makes it easier to engender a sense of ownership as well as neatness. You should always embrace this model even if it means working slower in the beginning.

III. Arrange a Scavenger Hunt. Make sure you nurture the natural curiosity and desire for exploration that kids exhibit as they grow up. You can do this through arranging items around the compound and leaving clues for them to trace. Treasure hunts teach the kids on how to follow through on instructions and how to spot clues when answers aren’t forthcoming. Most kids would gladly enjoy a well-planned game of treasure hunt.

IV. Take on the Town. You can escalate this further by taking a tour of the city and helping them map out the town. You could start by helping them grasp the landmarks in your neighbourhood, then expand from there. Lots of kids get lost in town and get into a crisis when most could easily make these way home if they had been trained. Instruct them on the few places where they can seek help in case they get lost. This could be a neighbor’s office, your own workplace or the local authorities.

V. Pin Up Pictures. You can also pin up photos of objects as well as family and friends. You can actually construct a family tree using the available pictures of everyone in the extended family. This exercise improves understanding and memorization. You can also read books and help them expand their comprehension and intelligence as well as numeracy.

When you must place your little one into childcare, safety and wellbeing will be of paramount importance to you. Investigate and explore every company you consider prior to making a final decision to ensure that your youngster will be healthy and happy with the placement.

Licensing Requirements

Each state has specific licensing requirements for centers. Learn about the licenses required of your state, and then confirm that every facility you consider has current licensing in place. It’s also possible that facilities can go further than the minimum requirements of a state, earning additional certifications and accreditations. A center that goes further to earn additional accreditation is usually demonstrating that they provide a high quality of care for youngsters.

Staff Training

Explore the requirements for education and training in playgroup Singapore. An excellent facility will typically require its staff to have specified degrees and related experience in the field. Look for a facility that also requires its staff to participate in continuing education. The director of a facility should have a degree in the field, as well as extensive experience.

Structural Elements

A quality center will have a wide range of structural elements in place, indicating the exemplary services it provides. For example, the facility should have a structured routine for each day with meals, snacks, rest, outdoor play, planned activities, and free indoor playtime. Meals and snacks served must comply with state requirements for nutrition.


Playgroup is a number of details that make up the overall environment of a facility. The square footage of the rooms and outdoor play areas must be large enough to accommodate the number of youngsters. Check state requirements to ensure that a company meets minimum requirements for inside and outside square footage. Indoor amenities such as furniture, flooring, bedding, kitchen, bathrooms, diaper changing areas, and toys are important factors that combine to create a positive environment. The ratio between children and staff must meet or exceed state requirements. More staff members and fewer children in the playgroup Singapore is an excellent indicator of quality. A low staff turnover also indicates that staff members and youngsters can bond, which increases the security of little ones.

Health and Safety

A childcare center must have health and safety standards in place to ensure that youngsters receive appropriate care. Review the policies of a facility to ensure that it meets state requirements. The center must follow standards such as cleanliness, privacy, food preparation, and supervision of children. Staff members should have adequate emergency training to enable them to respond correctly in emergencies. Each youngster should have a health screening performed and documented and updated immunizations. The center must have evacuation procedures documented, performing drills as required by the state.

Parental Involvement

Parents must be an integral part of quality childcare. A center that recognizes the importance of keeping parents informed and involved with their youngster’s experiences while at daycare demonstrates a strong program. Parents should receive daily updates about activities, experiences, and any problems that occurred. This collaborative relationship ensures that youngsters have their needs met.

Assess and analyze the policies and procedures of a childcare center prior to placing your child there. After placement, continue to monitor the care your little one receives.

It’s not anything new that Singaporean kids usually have many enrichment activities from a very young age. If there are some parents who believe a good time to start is by the age of 3, others start even before they are a year old.

Looking at the average of what we can find on the different enrichment activities, most kids tend to spend about 20 to 25 hours each week in school. However, the enrichment activities add another 5 to 10 hours. So, summing up all the time kids spend out of the home, it’s the equivalent to an average workweek of an adult. So, isn’t it too much? Aren’t you deploying all your kid education onto other people? Do your kids have enough time to play?

These are hard questions for most parents, especially when they just had their first baby. As a parent, they want to offer them and do everything they can to turn him or her into a healthy human being, who is able to distinguish about what he likes and dislikes.

The fact is that kids need time for everything. They need time to be with their parents and family, to play alone and with their friends, to eat, to sleep, and to have different activities. Depending on the age of the child, he may be more or less prepared to deal with so many hours away from his parents. It also depends on his own personality. Not all kids are the same and each one has their own development. So, it’s always important to consider these factors when you’re thinking about children enrichment class Singapore .

Many parents advocate that young kids are more susceptible to education and can easily learn a lot of difficult subjects faster. So, what most Singaporean parents do is try to provide their kids with a huge variety of enrichment activities. From this moment, they pay attention to the ones their kids prefer and the ones that they don’t like. According to what they see, they will adjust their schedules so that they spend more time on the activities they prefer but always trying to find different ones that they can like as well.

It’s not surprising that enrichment classes proliferate in Singapore and you can find activities for all the things you might imagine, for all the different ages.

Overall, the most important thing that Singaporean parents need to do is to listen to their kids and watch their behavior. If you see that your kids like the busy schedule, why stop them from gaining interest in varied areas? However, if you notice that your kid’s behavior is changing, try to reduce the time out of home. Making sure that they attend the classes that they prefer and stop with the ones they don’t like is also imperative.

If you have made the great decision of teaching your children how to speak and write in the Chinese language, then it is vital that you have some information about how to easily achieve this. Parents in English speaking countries can invest in the future of their children by helping them learn how to speak the Chinese language. In the world’s economy, China is now a significant name and learning their language can prove to be a great investment in the future.

Importance of teaching Chinese to your kids

It is important that children in the next generation have the ability to speak the Chinese language. Since the creation of the world, the world has been getting more competitive with improvement in technology and globalization. While the future cannot be easily predicted, current events could provide hints to what will happen in the future. The current breakthroughs that China is recording are great hints that they would be a very huge force in the world within a short while. China would therefore need to expand to other countries in the world and the ability to speak the Chinese language will be an edge over those who cannot.

Why should kids be taught Chinese

People who do not know how to speak the Chinese language believe that it is a very complex language. The way it is spoken and written is enough to make people lose interest in learning the language as it gives the impression that the language will be very difficult to learn. Children, however, are not scared of trying out new things, neither will they find the way Chinese is written to be difficult. On the contrary, they might be attracted to the way it is written, which looks like funny little diagrams. Furthermore, children have the innocent characteristics of loving anything their parents want them to do as opposed to older children who might already develop some resistance. This resistance in most cases is however created by parents trying to force a lot of things on the kids. This is why parents must strive to ensure that their kids develop interest in learning the language.

How can kids learn Chinese language at home?

The major requirement to teach kids how to speak the Chinese language at home is a guide and materials. Parents who have the ability to speak Chinese could perfectly fit in as a guide for their children. Parents who do not have this ability or are too busy can contract a Chinese for kids teacher, who would come to the house regularly to teach the child how to speak the language. In terms of materials, text books, flash cards, audio and video CDs might be required to teach the child how to speak the Chinese language. The flash cards can contain colourful designs of alphabets, numbers, toys, animals and fruits amongst others. Other tools that will facilitate the learning of Chinese for kids is computer or smartphone software, as well as the Internet.

Nowadays, there are various institutions that would assist you with something. All you have to do is make sure that they are providing you with the best factor that you shall understand more about. If you are not certain with it, then that is the time where you try and dig in deeper.

Playground is good for children. This is the time where they can interact with their fellow individuals. As the parent, you should ensure that they are getting the best out of it. Playgroup Singapore is always wonderful on this aspect but that does not mean that it is the only place on Earth you could work on. To assist you in your search, let us guide you with some of the basic stuffs.

First off, be sure that you set your expectations in the right manner. You do this quite often and it goes out of style whenever that is quite possible. If you expect something that you think is not there, then maybe you should ask questions right away. As you go through the process you should know what to expect and what you should avoid.

You should also ask questions as much as you can. There are times that you do not need to do this, especially if it is quite obvious. What you can do is to start with some of the basic things and see what works for you in the long run. Just get to the point and see what works.

If you are not taking things really slowly, then that is where the problem will show up. You can either rush things and do not understand what the process is about or you can reconsider them out based on how things are utilized on your end.

Sometimes, you need to get involved with the things that you wish to be doing. The more you get to stop and consider it, the more you can check and see how this would assist you with something. If you are not too certain with it, then drop that off as soon as possible.

The last part is to evaluate the results of your search. Once you think you find the right one, do not just stop there. You should find some ways to measure the things that you have come up with and see if those reasons would help you in some ways.

Taking things properly are always amazing. Getting into that factor should be a good way for you to check and focus on what is being presented on your end.