Pre-school is an important time for kids as this is the age that their brain starts developing. Kids need proper guidance during this age for proper development. In this article, some common myths associated with private kindergarten Singapore will be discussed.

The first myth is that pre-school is very expensive. Pre-school should be seen more as an investment than an expenditure.

It is therefore important to focus more on pre-school. It is said that for every 1 dollar spent, 7 dollars are earned by proper pre-schooling of the kid. Seeing that governments of different countries have taken the initiative to provide preschool education at little or no cost.

However, for a quality preschool or kindergarten education, one may need to be willing to fork out slightly more. At ISS International Preschool, there is a focus on learning from the children’s surroundings, and developing relationships through structured play. Through this, children will develop creativity and confidence to express themselves. For more information, you should check out their website.

The second myth is that the federal government does not need to take the expenses of the pre-school and that it is the job of the state government to worry about it. But the truth is for the past many years the state governments have taken the initiative to expand preschool, not the federal government.

People consider pre-school teachers to be baby-sitters. This is another myth. Without proper education and training it is not possible to become a teacher for the preschoolers. They undergo extensive training in emotional aspects, behavioral aspects, child psychology etc. to be a child care-specialist or a pre-school teacher.

Even now there are few people who believe that preschool education is not important and that it is ineffective. But it has been proved again and again that if a child receives proper early education, he/she will be better at math and reading and thereby reducing the child’s need for special education helping them achieve success later in life.

Many parents believe that at the age of preschool, the children should be in a freer environment than a structured one encouraging them to play etc. But what these parents don’t realize is, in preschool, playtime is given a lot of importance. In fact play is a tool through which many concepts are taught to the child. So, the child is given a chance to learn while playing. The teacher also has to be a participant in the games while playing for the student to grasp what she is trying to convey through the game.

It is a common misconception that the fees collected goes into somebody’s pocket. This is also not true. The fees collected  for the education of the preschooler is utilized in cost of supplies, food, furniture, curriculum, licensing fee, marketing costs, learning activities, safety supplies, office supplies etc.

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