The traditional method of imparting knowledge through a structured lecture format is not well appreciated by children of today, who prefer interactive dialogue. They prefer something tangible so that the point of the subject is learned naturally without being forced down their throats. This gives them a platform, which they need so that they can respond to the subject realistically.

Mixed Learning

Active engagement in the classroom starts when there is organized activity that works for the development of the child’s brain. Most children at the early stages are focused on building blocks, listening, reading, writing and speaking. They are also encouraged to make choices. When there is a small group, children find it easy to be socially interactive as they relate to this quite favorably. This benefits them down the line as they analyze concepts while they deal with problems from the textbook.

Coherent Learning Patterns

Not every child in the classroom has the same mental capacity as the rest of his peers. This is where constructive methods must be used without sticking to the same old concepts. Themes have been a construct in the learning curve for kids across all age groups. The approach helps hone their natural senses in view of the subjects positioned before them. Mathematics, art and craft, science and language play a crucial role in ensuring a coherent learning pattern.

Learning Outside the Classroom

Outdoor learning has proved to offer phenomenal growth for every child during activities for toddlers . As they grasp simple concepts of the great outdoors, they identify with them and thereby rid themselves of social ineptitude. This also paves the way for the child to engage in age level ‘debates’ in class which throws opens a variety of avenues that helps stimulate the learning mechanism of the brain. The choices put forward help children relate to informative content evident in the learning pattern.


The learning center for children across age groups at works to benefit the child of today. By learning to be appreciative of language, he is also open to learning about culture and society. At the end of the day, a child needs to have the right set of tools strategized by the teacher so that he digests all the information he learns on a daily basis. Down the line, active engagement in the classroom definitely stimulates an impressive learning curve in the life of the child, irrespective of age.

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